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Cultural references


  • The episode debuted on September 27, 2015, the same day LEGO Dimensions has, which features The Simpsons in the game.
  • On a rare occasion, Lisa is seen eating meat after the Season 7 episode Lisa The Vegetarian, but that only happened to Homer inside Marge's dream, so this could be considered as non-canon.
  • At the pharmacy, Homer sleeps while hugging a toy octopus the same way he slept underwater in one of the family vacation photos.
  • This is the first time that Maggie has ever sung a song. The song she sung was What a Wonderful World. However, this happened in Homer's dream, so it is technically non-canon.
  • This episode can be non-canon due to the ending being a tattoo illustration.


  • At Moe's Tavern, when Homer, Lenny and Carl are watching the Itchy and Scratchy Show and discussing about Homer's relationship, the pickled eggs jar is nowhere to be seen, only appearing when Barney plunges the comb onto it.
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