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Everyman (Avery Mann) is a superhero created by Comic Book Guy, whom Homer portrays in the film adaptation.


Bart and Milhouse discover that Comic Book Guy has been creating a series of comics, and instead of mocking him, are in fact interested in the series.

He begins publishing the issues he wrote which number well over 300, and the series becomes a hit - quickly leading to its own movie. Comic Book Guy was reluctant to allow for a movie adaptation, largely because he wasn't fond of some of the creative liberties the studio that requested to make the film adaptation had done with a film adaptation with the board game Stratego, although he ultimately relented under the condition that he personally choose who will portray Everyman (even threatening to dismiss them from his store if they didn't agree to that condition regardless of their reasons). Comic Book Guy rejects every actor who auditions, until Homer comes into the store by accident, he immediately chooses him.

To prepare for the role Homer gets personal trainer, Lyle McCarthy, to get him into shape (despite the original character himself in fact being out of shape, hence the name Everyman).

Homer makes it through half the shooting before Lyle leaves thus allowing him to lose the motivation to stay thin. They continue shooting the movie, which causes many scenes in which the character changes physique randomly.

Of the over three hundred issues Comic Book Guy made, one of them featured the death of Marmaduke, which Comic Book Guy mentioned was "controversial."


Everyman's real identity is a mail carrier called Avery Mann. When he turns into Everyman, he can touch a comic and receive the powers of that comic's superhero. In one issue, a bank was being robbed and, when Avery Mann saw it, he hid and came back as Everyman. He then touched a comic of Iron Man and took his powers. The robbers shot him, but the bullets didn't hurt him. One robber surrendered easily, but the other tried to make a run for it, which caused Everyman to absorb the powers of Plastic Man to entrap him in a makeshift cage.

Everyman's name isn't just a pun on his real name, and doesn't just represent his powers. His out of shape body, uninteresting job and lack of grace is meant to represent the average man, more so than other superheroes who are almost always perfect with super model bodies, and are often rich or have non-menial jobs. Hollywood however didn't like the idea and strived to turn Homer into the more classically physically attractive type of hero so people would see the person they want to be instead of the people they are. Also, Matt Groening said he is thinking to do a comic of Everyman for Simpsons One-Shot Wonders.

Everyman The Movie (Film)

Homer Simpson as Everyman.

The film went into production and was then released into cinemas but before that the directors were in development hell and decided to edit parts of the movie just to fix it, as Homer went back to overreacting right away, and he promptly turned fat again. The movie was eventually finished and was released Into the Springfield Theater/Cinema. In addition, the production staff barely let Comic Book Guy have any involvement in it, and when he saw the travesty that was undergoing in production, he attempted to put a stop to it, but was stopped by a bodyguard and then placed in a dumpster with other failed executives.


The movie opened up to negative response from the fans of the comic book series. Comic Book Guy made a mostly negative review calling it the worst motion picture ever made, which he posted on the internet. As a result the movie was panned by Comic Book Guy and film audiences.


A sequel to the movie was in production after the immediate failure of the original film. Comic Book Guy was given a chance to direct the sequel but turned down the offer because he wanted to stay true to his beliefs.


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