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I am Evil Homer! I Am Evil Homer!
―Evil Homer[src]

Evil Homer is an evil version of Homer dressed up as a devil in his imagination in Whacking Day. The costume was reused in Marge in Chains.

Evil Homer also has an evil twin in the comic called the Alter Homer, referred to as the alter ego of the Good Homer. In his first appearance in the episode Whacking Day, he is seen repeatedly singing "I am Evil Homer" while dancing with maracas around Good Homer's grave. In his mind, Evil Homer killed Good Homer.

Later he appeared in The Frying Game when Homer seemingly killed the endangered caterpillar, he appears on Homer's left shoulder along with Good Homer, he proceeds to stab Good Homer with his pitchfork and says "now we're in this together" and he and Homer hi-five, in this appearance his design is slightly different.


The Simpsons: Hit and Run

In The Simpsons: Hit and Run, Homer can use an Evil Homer costume. Also, he might randomly sing "I am Evil Homer" while driving if he runs into property or a pedestrian.
I am evil homer

In Hit and Run

Behind the Laughter

A World of Springfield toy called Evil Homer was released but was not designed like the one in the episode, but instead based on his design from The Frying Game. However, McFarlane toys have released a toy featuring Good Homer and Evil Homer as he appeared in Whacking Day.

A character named Evil Homer appears in Tapped Out, however, it is unknown if they are the same character, as instead of wearing a devil costume he wears a fake mustache with a top hat and suit.


World of Springfield Evil Homer Figure


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