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The Evil House (also known as the Bad Dream House) is a house built on an Indian Burial Ground that the Simpsons family moved into in the first Treehouse of Horror special. The Evil House is one of the very things to not only be a location, but also a character.


When the Simpsons move into the house, Lisa and Marge are scared that there is an evil presence lurking. Homer says there's nothing to worry about despite there being a vortex in the kitchen, Bart being strangled by the cables of electrical appliances, the house threatening the family to leave, and being thrown up to the ceiling. But when everyone tries to sleep easily, the house brainwashes everyone to kill themselves. And When they stop what they're doing, thanks to Marge not being brainwashed, the house threatens them if they do not leave. Marge cannot take it anymore and tells the house off. The house asks them to leave for a moment as it decides what to do. It then destroys itself after deciding that it would rather be destroyed than live with the Simpsons.[1]

After Homer goes back to hating Ned Flanders, he tells his family that they inherited some cursed land, Ned drops by, and Homer tells Ned to get lost, causing Bart and Lisa to sigh in relief. The Simpsons end up spending the night in a haunted house. While in the house, Homer scoffs, "See? I told you there's nothing to worry about. This place isn't --" but he gets cut off when the lights go out, which is followed by the family screaming.[2]

It was voiced by Harry Shearer.