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Executive Washroom is a large, luxurious bathroom located in the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.


Homer pulls off a 'Homer Simpson' [1] and impresses Charles Montgomery Burns. As an award they decide to give Homer the 'key.' This allows him access to the executive washroom. While Homer is using the regular toilet, which is in terrible condition, Karl and a reluctant Waylon Smithers, Jr. take him to the bathroom. When he enters, he is overcome by the luxury of the room. It's a very large room with a waterfall, band of classical instrument players and a servant. There are two large stairs leading to a bathroom that Mr. Burns emerges from. He welcomes the men and washes his hands, asking Homer for the towel. This makes Smithers jealous, as this is usually his role. Homer, Karl and Mr. Burns leave the room. Mr. Smithers throws the towel upon the floor in anger and a servant cleans up the towel almost instantly.