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Marge using FacelOOk
Use Social Media
Real Website? No
First Appearance Blazed and Confused

FacelOOk Is a website based on Facebook. It a social media. The theme is green.


Marge used the website to post a photo of Homer with a melting ice cream in front of the nuclear plant, with the caption "Meltdown at the Nuclear Plant". When Mr. Burns saw the photo, he got angry because of the play on words and fired Homer.

Later in the episode, when Lisa was testing Conrad, she showed Bart a video of Skinner getting injuried with a nose hair trimmer, convincing him to upload the video to FacelOOk. Conrad warned him that if he posts the video, he'd get five weeks detention, but in order to test Conrad's prediction, Lisa posted the video on Bart's account, coasting him said five weeks of detention.


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