Farrah Fawcett was a really famous 1970s TV actress and Model. When Bart Simpson was famous he dreamt that when he is older he will participate in Matchstick 2034 alongside her. She also has her own Cereal at the Kwik-E-Mart .

Behind The Laughter

Farrah Fawcett was a real actress, married to Lee Majors and using a double-barrelled surname between 1973 and 1982. Between 1979 and 1997; then 2001 to her death in 2009 from Anal Cancer, she had an on-off relationship with Ryan O'Neal, having one kid, though they never got married.

Her most well loved and known role is as Jill Munroe in the 1976 Series 1 of Charlie's Angels and her cameos in the rest of the series.

Her red swimsuit poster is the highest selling Pin Up Girl poster of all time.



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