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Fast-Food Boulevard, also known as Springfield's Fast Food District, is lined with many fast food restaurants. It was built in 1972.



The boulevard was destroyed after Homer Simpson (who was present for a last-minute schmorgasboard of Junk Food before he went on a diet that he promised Marge) threw a leaking car battery into an automated-talking drive-by trashcan at Krusty Burger, where the battery's chemicals seeped into a gas pipe. An explosion followed after Homer threw a match into the trash can (the match was to light a victory cigar), which destroyed 74 restaurants in the area. Hans Moleman was crushed by a large piece of debris that was flung at him by the explosion. As a direct result, several of the stores mascots (such as Cheesy McMayor) were left both jobless (this was before the economy really started to suck) and Homeless. In order to raise enough money to rebuild it, Springfield decided to hold Presidential primary elections at an even earlier date than New Hampshire.