Don Marion Anthony D'Amico, better known as Fat Tony, was the boss of the Springfield Mafia. He had been behind several of Springfield’s criminal enterprises. His rackets included illegal gambling, cigarette and fireworks smuggling, bootlegging, fraud, and selling false IDs. He had also been seen bribing and making secret deals with Mayor Quimby.

Fat Tony has a son, Michael D'Amico, whom he used to drive to and/or from school. He was a widower and said his wife, Anna Maria D'Amico, "Was whacked by natural causes." Fat Tony and his associates also conducted businesses and socialized in the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club.

His mafia henchmen included Louie, Legs, Johnny Tightlips, Frankie the Squealer, Joey, and Jimmy the Snitch.


Fat Tony was born Marion Anthony D'Amico. He implied that he dreamed to work as either a pizza man, organ grinder, or leaning-tower maker, but his dreams ended up ruined at some point. He eventually got a job in the mafia and worked his way up from henchmen to capo. Eventually, he married Anna Maria and had a son named Michael. Unfortunately, an enemy tried to shoot Fat Tony, but Anne Maria protected him by jumping in front and later dying, although Fat Tony would later claim she was "Whacked of natural causes" and even admitted that he would leave her flowers at her grave every Sunday.


Fat Tony with his son Michael.

Fat Tony was a widower. He had a wife named Anna Maria with her grave in Springfield Cemetery who was "Whacked by natural causes." Fat Tony has a son named Michael, whom he planned to have followed in his footsteps as the leader of the Springfield Mafia. [1] Following his death, it was revealed that he has a cousin named Fit Tony, who took Fat Tony's place running the Springfield Mafia.[2]


Fat Tony’s death.

In Donnie Fatso, Fat Tony collapsed and died in Homer Simpson’s arms. His death was most likely caused by a heart attack or cardiac arrest due to overeating, as well as stress from being betrayed by Homer, who was working undercover for the FBI. He was then replaced by his cousin, Fit Tony, who eventually evolved just like his cousin into Fat Tony, after previously being both Fit Tony and Fit-Fat Tony in the process.

Behind the Laughter

Originally, Fat Tony was going to be voiced by Hank Azaria. However, since Fat Tony wasn't a very good drawing, Matt Groening decided to make a special guest voice do him. Sheldon Leonard was originally supposed to be the voice of Fat Tony, but they weren't able to get him, so they chose Joe Mantegna instead. In one DVD commentary, it is stated that Mantegna is so enamored with the character that he has forbidden to allow anyone else to voice Fat Tony; He even voiced him when the script only called for a couple of grunts ("Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes"). However, this didn't keep Phil Hartman from filling in for him on one occasion ("A Fish Called Selma").[3]


Fat Tony is a pastiche of mobsters from movies and dramas, especially The Godfather franchise (And in later seasons The Sopranos). His nickname may be a reference to "Black Tony," the Don of the fictional Stracci Family in The Godfather.

Moe Baby Blues featured several interesting references relating to Fat Tony. To entertain his subordinates to reboost Louie's confidence in "Taking out the Castellaneta Family," Fat Tony puts an orange slice in his mouth in imitation of Don Corleone from The Godfather. Minutes later at Luigi's, Fat Tony, while crying with his gang, the Castellaneta Family, and President of the Italian-American Anti-Defamation League upon being touched by Maggie Simpson's innocence thanks to Moe Szyslak pointing it out in order to save her from getting accidentally shot to death in an attempted "Italian-American-Mexican Standoff," tearfully responded to this, saying "I ain't cried like this since I paid to see Godfather III." (In which Mantegna, ironically, played the character Joey Zasa, one of the inspirations for Fat Tony).

Even in the mafia’s brief cameo in "Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington", it’s revealed that Fat Tony loves the movie The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, as revealed by Johnny when the latter tells Louie, who asked in annoyance on why they have to watch it on the mafia’s private jet, that “The Boss has a thing for the Ya-Yas” while watching the aforementioned film on their private jet, and seated near them watching the movie, Fat Tony, while sobbing to the movie despite his tough mafia guy exterior, tearfully asks himself “Why was I born a man?”, and then blowing his nose on a pizza slice he was eating instead of his own white handkerchief he carries in his jacket pocket.

His son's name is a reference to Michael Corleone.

On several occasions, Fat Tony has said something that begins as ominous mafia language, only to be proven innocent; One example is "We are going for a ride.... By which I mean the carpool." and "Now who's ready to sleep with the fishes...? Because I brought this Finding Nemo comforter." This also led to some confusion among his fellow mafia members, such as the time when Troy McClure was involved in a scandal involving a sexual attraction to fishes, and he told his fellow gang members that he was "Sleeping with the fishes.", causing them to misinterpret the meaning to Troy having died when he actually meant that Troy was literally sleeping with the fishes.

Similarly, when disposing of dead bodies, he and the other members of the mafia often use euphemisms for the cadaver that sounds innocuous-sounding when dealing with law enforcement. This was showcased twice. In Mom and Pop Art, he, or rather, Louie, with Legs' help, disposed of a cadaver rolled up in a rug inside a Goodwill donation bin to dispose of the body, with Chief Wiggum inquiring what they're donating, claiming it was a "Beanie baby." Similarly in the movie, when the town of Springfield was trying to clean Lake Springfield, Fat Tony, before leaving with Legs and Louie when talked out of dumping at the lake by the police, mentioned that he will have to take his "Yard trimmings" elsewhere, although Lou (And allegedly Wiggum) suspected it was, in fact, a cadaver he, Legs, and Louie were going to dispose of.

His house strongly resembles that of Tony Montana in the movie Scarface.

Fat Tony also bears similarities to notorious mobster Al Capone.

In "Trilogy of Error", when Fat Tony revealed that Legs is an experienced mob doctor while reattaching Homer's thumb which Marge Simpson accidentally cut off earlier, he explained to Lisa Simpson that "[Legs] once pulled a slug from [his] arm and placed it into a stoolie's brain," indicating that Legs once removed a bullet from Fat Tony's arm and placed it in a murdered rival victim's brain.

Even Ralph Wiggum, while watching Michael walking by at school, admitted, via breaking the fourth wall, that Fat Tony once shot his father, Wiggum, by saying "His daddy putted bullets in my daddy. My daddy had to potty in a bag." ("The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer")


  • In "Insane Clown Poppy", Fat Tony turns out to be an excellent violinist.
  • Fat Tony's name was inspired by re-recording animator, also named Anthony D'Amico.
  • When Fat Tony came round with his gang to kill Homer, after Homer's community police force start-up busted him and his gang, Marge complained about Fat Tony's choice of a vocation, when he could be a pizza man, organ grinder, or a leaning tower maker. This made Fat Tony tearfully reply, "You are listing my broken dreams."
  • After his death, his cousin Fit Tony takes over the Springfield Mafia and Homer teaches him a lesson into becoming the new Fat Tony. Meaning that all of Fat Tony's appearances after this episode are as Fit-Fat Tony.
  • In Seasons 3-13, his shirt's neck collar and handkerchief in his jacket pocket are the same teal coloration as his shirt (Sometimes his handkerchief even changes to red, or gray like his jacket, in some shots), and then, starting in Season 14, his shirt's neck collar color changed to dark teal and his handkerchief's color changed to white. It has remained that way since, with a few exceptions.
  • In some shots, he is seen wearing a ring on his right hand's pinky finger, but in some shots, it keeps disappearing and reappearing a lot. Even his jacket pocket containing his handkerchief keeps disappearing and reappearing in different shots as well. And his shirt's sleeves (Underneath his jacket), depending on the seasonal weather he's currently in, changes between short-sleeved and long-sleeved in different episodes, although most of his appearances, his shirt is actually long-sleeved.
  • He is a featured character on The Complete Eighteenth Season DVD box set.
  • He rides around in a black, or mostly white, car similar to a Lincoln Town Car.


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