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The Fat in the Hat is a minor antagonist, portrayed by Homer. He only appears in "Treehouse of Horror XXIV" and is a yellow cat.

Character Bio

He promises BartLisa, and Maggie to save their Halloween by getting candy and beer. However, he ends up knocking out Grampa, robbing Apu and forcing him to spend time with his family, blowing up Mr. Burns' mansion and feeding him to a homeless shelter as a Roast vulture, killing Ralph Wiggum, MoePatty and Selma, and blowing up the Town Hall, setting free all the animals at the zoo, and leaving a pile of bodies in his trail. At the end, Maggie stabs him in the chest with his very own umbrella also avenging the deaths of the citizens he had killed. His final words were "I'm frightened of nothing, not even hellfires. Just don't let me ever be played by Mike Myers."



  • He is based on Dr. Seuss' character The Cat in the Hat.
  • He also represents Sweet Tooth's personality from the video game series Twisted Metal.
  • The mask he wears when blowing up city hall looks similar to the mask that resembles Guy Fawkes while trying to blow up the British Parliament on November 5.
  • Before he died, he said he wishes he wouldn't be portrayed by Mike Myers. This is a reference to Mike Myers playing The Cat in the Hat in the 2003 live-action movie of the same name, which received many negative reviews.
  • This is one of the few times where Homer is portrayed as a true villain.