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"Fatzcarraldo" is the fourteenth episode of Season 28.


When all of the fast food restaurants in Springfield become healthy, Homer turns to the last bastion of greasy food for comfort - and digs up some childhood memories along the way. Meanwhile, Lisa must find a good news story when the future of her school radio station is put in jeopardy.


The episode begins with Homer knocking down a set of Domino's pizza boxes as if they were dominoes. It is this huge effort that curtails with nuclear pizzas getting dropped into the mouths of himself, and his friends. Mr. Burns then comes in and tells them that because Homer won a button counting contest, they are all free to take the rest of the day off. Once the employees are gone Mr. Burns urges Smithers to quickly take care of "the bodies." Smithers dumps several skeletons (one of which looks like Smilin' Joe Fission) in a box labeled "Christmas Decorations" and places it on a shelf with a dozen other similar boxes. Homer drives back home, planning to celebrate his happy day with his family, but then he realizes that Patty and Selma have parked their cars in the driveway, much to his dismay. Patty and Selma make the family go to the 24th annual DMV awards, which is a car-related award show that they will be hosting. Homer leaves the ceremony in an uncomfortable manner, abandoning his family. He tries going to Krusty Burger, but they have taken all the meat off the menu and replaced it with vegan food. Homer drives around town, seeing that all restaurants have done this as well. He comes across a rusty old trailer, where the food is unhealthy and disgusting. The next day, Homer tells his family everything about it. Grandpa tells him that when he was a boy, he used to take him there all the time. When he and Mona engaged in a tiff with each other, they went to a marriage counselor, which was next to the hot dog stand. They left Homer there and the vendor gave Grampa hot dogs, which made Homer start eating his misery away. Back in the present, Patty and Selma had lost all their money in a bet at the DMV award show as well as their jobs by spending $100,000 on a $43 budget, so they are going to live with the Simpsons temporary.

Meanwhile, Springfield Elementary is having a radio show, run by the fourth graders and Lisa is included. Everyone else on the show is behaving in a ridiculous manner and Lisa is the only normal one. Eventually, Homer's attendance at the hot dog stand brings popularity to the store, meaning that the Krusty Burger is losing customers. Lisa does an interview at the detention and the radio station gets shut down. Lisa feels bad about it, so Homer brings her to the hot dog store to cheer her up. When he gets there, the stand had been shut down by the health department, due to Krusty ratting them out. Krusty then buys out the stand. Homer denies this and he ties the restaurant stand chain to his car and drives off, taking the hot dog store with him. Homer ends up on the news. When the fat people hear about this, they side with Homer and help him achieve his goal, when Krusty tells the other restaurant mascots about it, an army of mascots, led by Colonel Sanders goes against them. On their drive, the stand, with Homer in it, goes off a bridge and is dangling from the chain. The owner of the stand comes to Homer and saves him, also telling him that he doesn't need the stand, and that the only reason why he thought of it was so sacred is because it helped get him through some tough family times, not because of the content of the restaurant.


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