Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy
Fear of Flying
Homer the Great


  • The full opening sequence intro returns in this episode. This and "'Round Springfield" are the only two episodes in Season 6 to use the full opening.
  • The name of the lesbian bar is the "She-She Lounge".
  • The man who looks very similar to Homer is named "Guy Incognito" who later appears in The Simpsons Movie.
  • Homer and Smithers's favorite song is revealed to be "It's Raining Men" by The Weather Girls.
  • While they were seen previously in Moe's Tavern during the episode "Flaming Moe's", Homer's co-workers Lenny Leonard and Carl Carlson officially become regular patrons at Moe's Tavern in this episode.
  • In a deleted scene right after Homer is thrown out of Moe's, a stray cat enters the bar. Moe is then heard saying, "Oh, look at the cat, he put sugar all over the place".
  • Dr. Zweig is later seen in "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge" and "Large Marge".
  • This is the last episode to air in 1994.
  • This episode probably takes place before "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington" because, in that episode, Marge is seen inside the plane without panicking.
  • The last time Marge called the KBBL was in the Simpsons season 1 episode "Some Enchanted Evening".
  • Homer’s prank to Moe of unscrewing the sugar canister is a similar prank Bart did to Milhouse with the salt shaker in "Homer Defined".
  • When Marge told her therapist about her first day of school and how she was teased on the bus about liking the musical group The Monkees, the girl in the seat next to her stated the members of the band didn't write their own songs or play their own instruments. In reality, all four cast members had musical training and either already knew how to play instruments or learned as part of being on the show. In the second season, most of the songs were written and performed by the group. Years later, the analogy was given that it was as if the cast of ER went out and actually became doctors.


  • The Chinese do not use the same word for "crisis" and "opportunity".
  • Homer's sleeve is yellow

    When Homer walks into the Cheers bar, the left sleeve of his shirt turns yellow for a frame.
  • When Homer is at the lesbian bar the lady sitting to his left is shown without a tattoo on her right arm, but one appears when the shot zooms in.
  • In this episode, Marge is highly afraid of flying, but in Season 3's "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington," she had no trouble flying. It's possible that this episode took place before that episode. 
  • Marge would not have been able to disembark as the steps had been taken away and the aircraft had left the stand.
    • Also, the Simpsons' bags could not have been off loaded for the same reason.


  • The episode's title is a reference to Erica Jong's novel of the same name.
  • One of the bars that Homer visits is the bar from the sitcom Cheers. All of the characters are voiced by the actors who played them in Cheers, with the exception of Frasier Crane who remains silent. This is perhaps because Kelsey Grammer has made multiple appearances on The Simpsons as Sideshow Bob, he does not lend his voice to this episode.
    • At the end of Homer's visit to this bar, a few notes from the end of the Cheers theme song, "Where Everybody Knows Your Name", can be heard.
  • Grampa being left on a plane and proceeding to slap his hands on his face and yell is a reference to the movie Home Alone.
  • The films Homer rents are Hero, Fearless, and Alive, the latter of which Marge watches. All of them involve plane crashes.
  • Marge's recurring dream is that she is in TV series Lost in Space: She is Mrs. Robinson, Homer is Dr. Smith, and Lisa is the Robot.
  • The flashback where Marge and her mother have a biplane shooting at them in a cornfield is a parody of Alfred Hitchcock's film North by Northwest.
  • Marge calls Dr. Zweig "Lowenstein", a reference to Barbra Streisand's character in the film The Prince of Tides.

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