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The Femme Fatale is an employee at Globex Corporation.


She tried to hire Waylon Smithers, Jr. as an employee, but she instead hired Homer Simpson after he refused. She also informed Hank Scorpio that there was a conference call with the United Nations.[1]

She is later seen in a short war at Globex Corporation where she is seen only in her bikini and high heels. During the short war, she killed one of the soldiers by breaking his neck between her thighs.[2]


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The Femme Fatale recently appeared in The Simpsons: Tapped Out as a premium limited time character during the Secret Agents 2017 event who costed 60 donuts to unlock.

Behind the Laughter

The Femme Fatale is based on Miss Goodthighs, a character from the 1967 comedy spin-off of the James Bond series, Casino Royale.