Fernando Vidal was a professional killer, known as "the world's most devious assassin." After the death of Asa Phelps left Abe Simpson and Charles Montgomery Burns the sole surviving members of the Flying Hellfish, Burns hired Fernando Vidal to hasten Abe's demise. Vidal first attempted to poison Abe's dentures, but that failed, and later, he disguised himself as Homer Simpson (badly), with Burns dressed as Marge and Smithers dressed as Bart, and tried to throw a knife at Abe. His final attempt, which he claimed to be his most ingenious, involved simply bursting into the retirement home armed with a machine gun and shooting the place up, however he was driven away when one of the nurses pulled out a shotgun and fired at him for disturbing the residents. He is also apparently a part-time drug dealer as he mistakes Mr. Burns' initials for former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, who was arrested by the FBI on drug charges.


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