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If the boy wants to smoosh, the boy will smoosh.
―Fit-Fat Tony, to the Squeaky-Voiced Teen at the ice cream parlor regarding Ralph touching the ice cream toppings
And there’s no better exercise than killing and disemboweling a big fat snitch.
―Fit-Fat Tony, back when he was Fit Tony, contemplating on killing Homer for causing the original Fat Tony’s death before
I like you. I don’t know whether or not to knock you on your kisser or kiss you on your knockers.
―Fit-Fat Tony, flirting with Selma
The three of us, we are not so different.
―Fit-Fat Tony, while having a drink at Giuseppe’s with Homer and Chief Wiggum

Marion Anthony Paul D'Amico[4][5], originally known as Fit Tony, then later Fit-Fat Tony, and now known as the new and improved Fat Tony, is Fat Tony's cousin. He was originally from San Diego, but later moved to Springfield to take control of the Springfield Mafia after his cousin's death. Physically speaking, he is identical to Fat Tony with the only difference being that he is initially in much better physical shape.


When Fat Tony died of a heart attack, Fit Tony moved to Springfield and takes his cousin's place running the Springfield Mafia. The pressure of the position gets to him and he begins to overeat which causes him to put on weight. As a result of this weight gain, he became known as Fit-Fat Tony and then simply Fat Tony, as he turned exactly in the same emotional and physical form of his late cousin.

Fit-Fat Tony, now nicknamed Fat Tony, now looks exactly like his cousin to such an extent that it is as if the original Fat Tony never died. This physical resemblance suggests that all previous appearances of Fat Tony are in fact of Fit-Fat Tony in a similar situation to Snowball II and Snowball V or Armin Tamzarian and the real Seymour Skinner.

While his cousin was a widower, Fit-Fat Tony is married and once took Selma Bouvier as his formal mistress, indicating that he is a bigamist.[6]

In "At Long Last Leave," he is at the secret town meeting on voting to get rid of the Simpson Family.

In "Penny-Wiseguys," Fit-Fat Tony temporally got jury duty. So he names his accountant, Dan Gillick, temporary don. Gillick proposes to Fit-Fat Tony to save money by getting rid of redundant mobsters, but he's mortified when Fit-Fat Tony tells him to rub them out. He finds that he likes it way too much and asks Homer Simpson to stop him from killing the members of the mafia.

In "Bull-E," Fit-Fat Tony is in the anger-management class Homer attended.

In "What to Expect When Bart's Expecting," Fit-Fat Tony kidnaps Homer and Bart Simpson in order for Bart to use his baby creating voodoo magic, but it turns out that Fit-Fat Tony wants it to work on horses, not humans. Fit-Fat Tony also not only wanted his horses to breed by the next morning, but he also wanted a male horse, to which in the end, was surprisingly a success the next day.

In "22 For 30," Fit-Fat Tony was even revealed by Lisa Simpson that he used to be part of an all-female basketball team called the Little Debbies as a child. Even Louie accidentally revealed that Fit-Fat Tony once cried to the sad song When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2 when he asked his boss in confusion on what Fit-Fat Tony meant by not spilling the beans. (In which Fit-Fat Tony meant to Louie and his other mafia members to not tell anyone else regarding his involvement with the Little Debbies years ago)

He also revealed to Chief Wiggum, in "The Fat Blue Line," that whenever he is alone in a room at the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club, he would secretly sing by himself for entertainment fun, which also proved on the security camera video in that room that he didn't pickpocket the wallets that he was framed for, and the reason being on why he refuses to do pickpocketing as part of his mafia crimes is because his father, and the original Fat Tony's uncle, Fatso Antonio, died from a bad heart condition when his heart was pickpocketed just before it was gonna be used for his upcoming heart surgery years ago.

In his cameo appearance in "Diary Queen," when Louie asked if he, Legs, and Johnny can kill Bart and Milhouse Van Houten upon spotting them seeing them dump Frankie the Squealer's body into the river, Fit-Fat Tony told them no because they don't kill nosy children unless they are 18 years old or over.

In "Uncut Femmes," Fit-Fat Tony even admitted to Wiggum that he and his mafia deeply respect his family, regardless that they’re enemies, especially Wiggum’s wife, Sarah Wiggum, when he learned that she and Marge Simpson were mysteriously kidnapped when Wiggum vocally accused him of kidnapping him and Homer’s wives, only to realize that’s not true. Then later, while Homer and Wiggum are looking for Marge and Sarah, Fit-Fat Tony agreed to babysit Wiggum’s son, Ralph Wiggum, for a while as a temporary surrogate father, even as to go so far to get himself and that boy some ice cream.

Like his cousin, Fit-Fat Tony, too, keeps having his ring he wears on his right hand's pinky finger, as well as his jacket pocket containing his handkerchief, disappearing and reappearing in different shots. Even, like his cousin, his shirt's sleeves underneath his jacket change between short-sleeved and long-sleeved depending on the seasonal weather he's currently in, although his shirt is actually long-sleeved. Even, like his cousin again, the dark yellow shading in his eyebags underneath his eyes sometimes disappear and reappear in different shots, or even sometimes mix with the shadows' shading in lighted areas, in his episode appearances.


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