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Homer Looking at Map (Artwork) This article is about the Season 3 episode.

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This page is about the Season 3 episode. If you were looking for the Season 22 episode with a very similar name, then click here.

"The inventor I admire is not a rich man or a famous man or even a smart man. He's my father, Homer Simpson, creator of the Flaming Homer."
Bart Simpson

Flaming Moe's is the tenth episode of Season 3, and the show's 45th episode overall. Aerosmith appears in the episode and was the first band to make a guest appearance on the show.


Homer tells Moe of creating a zesty drink called the Flaming Homer. It is so good that Moe steals Homer's recipe (which includes cough syrup), renames it the Flaming Moe and takes credit for inventing it. The Flaming Moe revitalizes business, turning Moe's Tavern into the hottest location in Springfield, and causing the relationship of Homer and Moe to splinter.

Full Story[]


Moe's Tavern is having financial trouble. After Moe runs out of beer, Homer chooses to tell his buddy about a drink recipe that he accidentally invented one night, called the "Flaming Homer."

Homer mentions that after Patty and Selma made the Simpson family watch slides from their latest vacation, he was unable to find a beer. He then chose to mix together drops of liquor from near-empty bottles and accidentally included a bottle of Krusty-brand cough syrup. When Patty dropped her cigarette ashes in the drink and set it on fire, Homer discovered that fire greatly enhanced the flavor of the drink.

After trying said drink out, Moe steals Homer's idea, renames the drink, and begins serving the "Flaming Moe" as his own concoction.

Flaming Moe

Flaming Moe Line-up

Moe sees his business boom, and his tavern soon becomes one of the trendiest nightspots in Springfield and Aerosmith's official hangout. At this time, Bart attempts to prank him over the phone, but it backfires due to someone who goes by the name of Hugh Jass (which is the name Bart asks for on the phone). Homer becomes angry with Moe and vows never to return to the tavern. He subsequently becomes obsessed with Moe and how he betrayed his buddy. He also tries to attend his "new watering hole".

Flaming Moe's (Promo Picture) 2

During this time, a man from an establishment named Tipsy McStaggers attempts to buy the recipe from Moe. After Moe rebuffs him the first time, the man takes the drink and sends it to a lab to analyze what the formula is made of. Shortly afterwards, the gentleman returns to offer Moe $1,000,000 for the recipe. Moe declines for a second time, but Moe is warned that their company has almost figured out the recipe, except for one ingredient. In Professor Frink's lab he is trying to figure it out, but it malfunctions and says the secret ingredient is love.

After the waitress Moe has hired discovers that Moe stole the recipe from Homer, she convinces him to sell the drink and give half of the money to Homer. Moe is about to accept the deal when a seemingly insane Homer appears standing in the rafters and cackling madly. Despite Moe's attempt to stop him, Homer reveals to everyone in the bar that the secret ingredient is merely cough syrup. With the secret revealed, the man from Tipsy McStaggers tears up the check and leaves the tavern.

Within days, nearly all of the restaurants in Springfield are serving Flaming Moe's (under slightly altered names), and Moe's business has greatly decreased. Homer comes in and finds that Moe is not irritated at him. He even serves Homer a Flaming Homer on the house as an apology for stealing his idea in the first place. And in return, Homer apologizes for ruining his business, which Moe respond that "some things are too good to be kept a secret".


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