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Moe: Yeah, you know, thank you, but, uh, I'm very happy with my clientele as they are.
(Barney walks out of the bathroom with a urinal)
Barney: Hey Moe, two more for me and my buddy!
Moe: That was my grandmother's wedding urinal! All right, that's it! We are changing this plate up. (Moe changes up his bar) Whoa, check that out! Stuff is getting done! Look at them renovations! And finished! After this, ain't no turning back!
(Moe throw's the "E" off of his sign, which breaks through a window at the Retirement Castle)
Grampa: B-E! Four points.
Old Jewish Man: I challenge.

(Mr. Largo is teaching the class, but suddenly stops)
Mr. Largo: Children, I have an announcement. Today is my last day as a music teacher. (The kids stare quietly at him)
Lisa: (Whispering to the class) Come on, pretend he meant something to you. (The kids start begging him to stay)
Mr. Largo: Oh, bless your little hearts. This is a happy thing! I met my soul mate at a local tavern... (Superintendent Chalmers enters the room)
Milhouse: There he is! (The kids sigh in happiness)
Chalmers: I'm not the soulmate! I'm dating one of your mothers! I-I forgot whose. anyway, I-I'm here to introduce your new music teacher, Ms. Juniper.
Mr. Largo: (To Juniper, pointing to Lisa) Honey, just teach the one with the starfish head, and you'll be okay.
Juniper: Teach? You can't teach music. You embrace music! Oh, you inhale music! You roll around in a pile of music until the scent of music is on you forever!
Mr. Largo: Good luck with that.

Mr. Burns: Oh, a good, old fashioned lemon party. I call first squeeze!
Smithers: Mmm, sir, we are way past your bedtime.

Moe: Puttin' everything back. Undo. Undo. Undo. Sports page back over the urinal, and done.

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