Throw Grampa from the Dane
Flanders' Ladder
Bart's Not Dead
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Krusty: (Knocks) Are you almost done?
Mel: You have your office, this is MINE!

Lisa, Bart, Homer: The internet is down!
Homer: I don't know the score! I don't even know who's playing!
Grampa: (In Subtitles) MY PORN!

Bart: How come all our father-son activities involve getting a TV back on?
Homer: What about the time when I watched you crawl out that thing?
Bart: You mean when I was born?
Homer: That was fun.

Lisa:: Bart, i'm so sorry if i was ever mean to you, and even though YOU STARTED IT, YOU... Sorry, sorry. And... That is that... I love you, and i want you back, Bart Simpson...

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