Florida is a location in the Simpsons and in real life. It became the 27th U.S. State in 1845.


Florida first appeared in the episode "Deep Space Homer", when Homer and Barney go down to Cape Canaveral for astronaut training. The first episode where the entire Simpson family goes to Florida is "Kill the Alligator and Run", where the Nuclear Plant's counselor suggests Homer go to Florida to heal his insomnia; Homer calls Florida "America's Wang." During the episode, the Simpson family's fun times are cut short when they seemingly accidentally kill the state's beloved Alligator. Florida also appeared in "Special Edna" when Bart nominates Edna Krabappel for Teacher of the Year and the Simpson family goes to Orlando, Florida, to attend the Teacher of the Year award show, as well as "Catch 'Em if You Can" when Homer and Marge ditch Uncle Tyrone's birthday party to go on a second honeymoon in Miami, Florida, prompting Grampa, Bart, and Lisa go down to Miami.

In "'Tis the 30th Season", on 1 December Marge tells Bart and Lisa that they won't be able to get the Smart TV for Christmas, and they don't take it well. Marge leaves the room, and Homer tells the kids that this Christmas will about Marge, and that they need to find a way how. Lisa gets the idea for the family to go on a vacation to Florida, so they browse places to go online. They eventually find a place called "Kissimmee St. Nick Theme Park and Resort" Lisa questions if they can be sure of what it seems in the add, but after Homer sees that there is one room left, he buys it without question. On 18 December Marge is true to her promise to making it a good Christmas, but she isn't doing so well. Homer asks about spending Christmas somewhere else, but Marge says that "If it's not home, it's not Christmas." So Homer thinks that they have to take her out cold. He puts some sleeping medicine in Marge's tea, and Bart and Lisa sing carols while Marge drinks the contaminated tea, and falls asleep. They then end up at a motel in Florida. Homer urges Bart and Lisa to pretend that they are enjoying themselves for Marge's sake, but the theme park turns out to be full of bizarre, frightening rides and obscure cartoon characters. Bart and Lisa complain to the manager, Jeanie, but she dissmisses them and Bart vows revenge. The Simpsons finally admit to each other that they all hate their stay and decide to go home. Bart scares Jeanie by removing the heads of the animatronic figures in the Hall of Vice Presidents and putting them in her bed.

In Real Life

Florida is the home of Universal Studios Orlando, which features the Simpsons Ride, Kang & Kodos' Twirl 'n' Hurl, and Fast Food Boulevard.

SimpsonsRide - Florida

The Simpsons Ride.


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