Foolish Earthlings is a conspiracy & intergalactic reality show produced by Kang and Kodos. They filmed Springfielders during their clumsiest moments using both surveillance and Wasp Cameras.


However for some reasons, the show's "Space Ratings" were lowered. Bart and Apu found them in the Natural History Museum and overheard Kodos informing Kang of the show's low ratings. They then discovered the alien's plot to introduce the Buzz Cola to the water supply driving people mad and distribute lazer guns over the Squidport. All of this combined was meant to conclude with the Springfielders destroying themselves and Springfield while boosting up ratings for Foolish Earthlings. After Apu became scared and claimed not to speak English, Bart attempted to inform everyone of the alien plot but no-one would listen. He then seeked the help of Professor Frink who found out the location of the lazer guns. After Bart destroyed the lazer guns, he and Homer raced the aliens to the Duff Brewery where they revealed that the lazers were only the start of their plan and that zombies would rise from their graves, devouring the living. Later, Homer along with Professor Frink, Snake Jailbird and Grandpa Simpson destroyed the alien's UFO. The aliens died as a result of the crash and ratings for Foolish Earthlings rose to high levels. After the town returned to normal, Homer was greeted by his Foolish Earthling fans while an "angel" Kang was relieved that their show was a success while Kodos questioned their prescence in Earth Heaven. The game ended with Kang screaming over the appearance of the game logo, introducing the credits. It is unknown if Foolish Earthlings carried on after Kang and Kodos died. But it is unlikely it did because of the aliens not being there to film the Springfielders and the destruction of the Wasp Cameras.


  • In the cutscene where Kang and Kodos discuss the show's low ratings, Kodos puts on a clip from the show where Groundskeeper Willie could be seen stepping on a rake and shouting to presumably children who planted it there. This can be actually seen in game in Level 1 and Level 4 which may also suggest that other Easter Egg/Gags in the school such as Ralph eating paste or Willie running on fire may have been broadcasted.
  • While Kodos tells Kang of his plan in the Museum, a poster can be seen behind Kodos' bath tub of Homer with his head through a chair. Below the picture, "Foolish Earthines" can be read however the aliens can both be heard saying "Earthlings" clearly.


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