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Fort Fragg was a United States Army Base located near Springfield. Specific areas seen on the base include a shower room and a tank hangar.


Bart Simpson, suffering from paranoia due to the behavior-modification drug Focusyn, infiltrated the base, got to the shower room, and stole a set of tank keys from the pants pocket of a soldier who was taking a shower. Bart then hijacked a tank and drove it through Springfield, stopping at Springfield Elementary School when the tank ran out of fuel. Marge asked Bart to get out of the tank, and he said he would after blowing up just one thing.

After aiming the tank's main gun at the school (to Jimbo's joy), the church (to Reverend Lovejoy's horror), and a frame shop (to Homer's outrage), Bart fired into the air and shot down a satellite. When the satellite crashed, everyone saw that it belonged to Major League Baseball and it was being used to spy on people in order to conduct market research.

Behind the laughter

  • The name Fort Fragg is both a pun on Fort Bragg, a major U.S. Army base in North Carolina, and a reference to the slang term "frag" from the Vietnam War, meaning to kill a hated superior officer.
  • Bart sneaking into Fort Fragg and hijacking a tank, which ultimately caused quite a bit of destruction in Springfield, was very similar to an incident when Shawn Nelson hijacked a M60 Patton Tank from the Kearny Mesa National Guard Armory and drove it through San Diego.