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Fort Springfield is the main military compound in Springfield. When Principal Skinner was a sergeant for the US Army, he worked for Fort Springfield.[1] Part of the fort has been preserved as a historical site, which Springfield Elementary School went on a field trip to.[2]


Fort springfield closed

Fort Springfield, after the government shut it down

The government once closed Fort Springfield, which devastated the city's liquor and prostitution industries. This, in turn, lead the entire city into an economic slump, with record unemployment rates. It was because of this, that the city decided to legalize gambling, to help recover from the slump.[3] It was reopened sometime thereafter, however, during which Principal Skinner returned to the Army after he was fired from Springfield Elementary School and was stationed there.[4] At some point, the base (or at least a historical portion of the base), was bought out by Diz-Nee. He later took them to the base as part of a field trip to study a re-enactment of the Battle of Springfield, but they weren't allowed in due to the fact that they didn't have enough money to watch, and were eventually forced out when Skinner's attempt to use Bart to watch the re-enactment for the kids to "learn for free" backfired and resulted in them getting caught.[5]



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