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Hardly Kirk-ing - The worst episode?

The worst episode?

I was hoping this episode would be a good potential for a Maggie episode, I had high expectations hoping it would be an enjoyable episode. I honestly didn't care if this was a Bart & Milhouse episode, all I care was if this was a Maggie episode. When I saw the episode however, I became depressed. Let me explain.

First off, after I saw a short couch gag, the episode starts immediately where Homer & Maggie are watching Baby Poindexter, yes it starts off EXACTLY where the clip of the episode before it aired started with this (it was on YouTube for its time, however when the year passed, all of the Season 23 clips were removed to make room for the newer season). I was underwhelmed by this. I was hoping it would have started the episode where Homer found the Baby Poindexter DVD, then Maggie is overjoyed by the cover, then putting in the DVD player. They could've given more build-up to this scene. I guess that's one way to ruin the introduction of the episode.

Later, the Simpsons family are at the library, and they have Homer doing "I, Spy". What's the point? I didn't know this was a Homer episode. Seriously? On top of that, in a matter of seconds after when Marge showed Maggie a storyteller, she couldn't find Lisa and MAGGIE! HOW ON EARTH COULD SHE LOSE A MATTER WITHIN A MATTER OF SECONDS!? AND WHY DIDN'T SHE MENTION BART'S NAME!? Oh wait, he's with Milhouse in the next scene. For that matter, why didn't Bart mention he's gonna hang out with Milhouse before the library scene? It's so frustrating that there was no purpose to this scene whatsoever. Maybe if it was a different lady it could've worked, but too bad.

After a bunch of randomness where Milhouse is disguising as his father, Maggie watching the clothes dry, Marge makes Maggie undizzy by rotating the pacifier, which by the way we've seen that before since last year. They then come to a stage, and after that, we don't get any more of Maggie moment for this episode anymore. This scene is also pointless and the writers could've come up with something better than this.

Now going back to Milhouse and as I saw the scene after where Bart says "Make me!" I was expecting him to say something different like "I'LL MAKE YOU!" but dropped the banana when he says "WHY YOU LITTLE!", strangles Bart and I gotta remind you, Bart has been strangled three times, after two previous episodes, this was the third time in a row! But to make things worse, at the end of the episode, Homer tells Bart not to grow up like him, then Bart says "I sure not!", and then Homer strangles Bart for the THIRD FREAKIN' TIME BY EITHER ENDING THE EPISODE OR JUST CUTTING INTO THE NEXT SCENE! THREE TIMES AND NOW FOUR TIMES! THIS TOOK OVER THE LINE! NOBODY IN THE PARK EVER NOTICES THIS, THEY COULD CALL THE COPS FOR CHILD ABUSE, HAVING HOMER ARRESTED IN THIS EPISODE WOULD HAVE HAD A BETTER PAYOFF! I APOLOGIZE TO SAY THIS BUT THIS IS WHY I DON'T LIKE THE SIMPSONS. WE DON'T GET ANY SEXY MOMENTS WITH MARGE (since the episode "How I Wet Your Mother")  AND WE DON'T EVEN GET ANY CUTE, ADORABLE, AND ENJOYABLE MOMENTS WITH MAGGIE! (since the episode "The D'oh-cial Network") AND SO, THE EPISODE ENDS! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Then, came the short "The Longest Daycare" which I was hoping for it to be an extended version or a slightly different Maggie special to say the least, so that it would cheer me up, but nope, it's the same exact short that I saw before it aired. The short was decent by the way, but when I was hoping for this to be aired as an extended cut, I was underwhelmingly disappointed in every way when I saw the episode, I had high expectations to think this would dedicate to Maggie's character since she is enjoyably adorable to watch. all hope was lost for me. After all of that, all hope was lost for me. I was alone in the kitchen, drinking Coca-Cola while imitating the scene where Jackie Chan is drinking from the movie New Police Story as I was thinking about on what they screwed up with this episode and that even includes the two previous episodes which by the way are almost as worse as this. All of my hopes, all of my prayers, and all of my expectations went downhill. I was no longer watching newer Simpsons episodes. My mind wasn't at the right place but truth be told I was young when this episode aired and I will never forget what happened. But is it the worst episode? For a fan who has different, but huge levels of hope and expectations for this to become a Maggie episode, it is. But with very low levels of hope and expectations, even if they cared about the main premise of the episode, considering that this is actually a Bart and Milhouse-focused episode, not to mention the critics enjoyed the episode, I don't think it's the worst episode out there. And that is why I think it's the worst, but certainly the most disappointing episode I've ever watched.

 It's Not So Bad

It was OK. Adventures In Baby-Getting is the most meaningless Simpsons episode ever. It sucked. Why is it so bad?

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