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Elder theft05:09, November 7, 2019Helldoh
Best Lionel Hutz episodes14:47, August 10, 2019RRabbit42
Copyright23:17, May 23, 2019Agfkl
What was the name of the episode that had Bart blindfolded and dangling from a chain above a shark tank by Sideshow Bob?15:10, May 14, 2019Applejackrulez20
Who are these characters?20:07, June 23, 2018Keepingonesendofabargainnoonemade
Waylon Sr's name?20:57, May 17, 2018Tycio
Chronological assumptions15:48, March 20, 2018Tycio
Hardly Kirk-ing - The worst episode?02:37, January 26, 2018GallaxharAlien
Homer driving calmly02:06, July 19, 2017Standarsh123
Bender in Barthood?23:45, November 24, 2016KLW4lk
Superintendent Chalmers insulting Principal Skinner10:38, September 2, 2016Douglasrampazo
Duplicate Page23:05, August 30, 2016Paul112
Episode with Laugh Track/Studio Audience16:27, July 20, 201673.45.14.98
Sexy Moment22:05, May 21, 2016White44Tree
A new Fan Animated Couch Gag16:57, March 19, 2016RRabbit42
Another actor's death12:53, February 7, 2016JackTheRipper5210
Sports Arena Music from Season 27, Episode 6, Friend with Benefit08:22, November 13, 2015Tomanadi
The start of Lisa and Milhouse romance in season 27?23:16, October 21, 2015Riechu
How much longer can the simpsons go?08:17, September 23, 2015122.109.57.9
New teacher for Bart?04:06, August 8, 2015Redgrape404
Thoh 2507:50, March 6, 2015122.109.63.138
Where is the Simpsons made?12:25, January 26, 2015220.233.104.72
Best/Worst Simpsons game?15:02, January 11, 2015Regularshowman
Tapped Out character guide04:21, December 26, 2014RRabbit42
Treehouse of Horror VI02:23, October 31, 201424.102.217.230
Help! What episode is this?00:11, October 7, 2014Zedmund
Krusty's father is dead07:42, September 29, 2014122.109.224.180
Rosebud Review05:31, August 30, 2014122.109.224.226
Simpsons wine from Crepes of Wrath: info?01:57, August 24, 2014Crepesofwrath
Nerrrd! - Which Episode?08:37, August 23, 2014RRabbit42
Simpsons on the radio21:00, August 20, 2014207.245.67.3
Same building?07:05, August 12, 2014Chupacabra boy
A lot of data for a Simpsons fan website22:29, May 15, 201490.24.229.247
Couch gag15:54, May 13, 2014113.173.133.193
THOH XXIV06:56, March 15, 2014122.109.38.139
We Want Bob!06:55, March 15, 2014122.109.38.139
Who do you think will get killed off?08:02, February 14, 2014122.109.44.128
Homer Braveheart20:34, February 10, 2014201.75.144.229
Abe or Abie16:56, January 11, 2014ToyStoryFan123
Do the Bartman02:35, January 8, 2014107.15.76.68
New season box sets?07:23, December 22, 2013122.109.51.200
Season 1407:21, December 22, 2013122.109.51.200
Which episode is the worst?07:12, December 22, 2013122.109.51.200
How do i get cheats in The Simpsons: Hit and Run?00:07, December 22, 201375.72.83.125
Need help with song in an episode19:36, December 12, 2013176.27.40.114
Featured song voting04:06, November 8, 2013RRabbit42
Ultimate Simpsons Quiz19:08, November 3, 2013Netmadness
Featured quote voting16:07, November 2, 2013Netflix987
Homer says...22:11, August 14, 201370.123.137.174
Episode codes21:03, May 24, 2013Nickwire
"Dad our lives!"15:12, May 11, 201395.102.223.109
Featured 'Did You Know' voting14:26, March 20, 201363.155.179.89
Episode name needed13:24, November 20, 2012Evilquoll
Grimm Reaper's Grim Reaper?04:08, November 19, 2012LocatingGoku
Need landscape, highways images or travelling secuences18:37, April 9, 2012Tonnot
Bart images in black and white14:35, April 2, 2012Thesimpsonsfan1
American Fans Campaign For Doctor Who In The Simpsons14:34, April 2, 2012Thesimpsonsfan1
Featured pictures voting15:34, February 16, 2012RRabbit42
"A thousand eyes"19:00, January 15, 2012Ferbot
What episode is this06:49, January 10, 2012Ferbot
Season 2306:49, January 10, 2012Ferbot
Looking for Character06:48, January 10, 2012Ferbot
Lenny's Eye06:48, January 10, 2012Ferbot
Homer's Barbershop Quartet Review06:48, January 10, 2012Ferbot
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