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Rosebud Review

Rosebud Review

I've got to say that this is probably the best episode on Season 5. I really enjoyed the Citizen Kane reference, but the fact that they named the episode "Rosebud" seems like, "Duh, we know you're talking about Citizen Kane". I was also amazed that The Ramones made a guest appearance. All these bands in the Simpsons really bring more fans, in my opinion. I also think that this episode relates to Maggie shooting Mr. Burns in Who Shot Mr. Burns?. Let me explain:

Maggie gave Bobo away to Mr. Burns, but might have regretted it after wards. Plus, when Mr. Burns asked if anyone had the guts to stop him, Maggie was the only one that actually looked at him seriously. I think she tried to shoot Mr. Burns in order to get Bobo back, but she never actually retrieved the bear. Maggie is the most suspicious character in the Simpsons, but she does seem to show clear emotion.

I also enjoyed seeing Mr. Burns grow up in this episode, and I loved the references and quotes. "Moldy? Old? I'm gonna get something to eat!" That was my favorite line in this episode. Oh well, I've just gotta say that this episode relates to Mr. Burns' shooting in one giant way. Maggie later shot the mobsters who tried to kill Homer, seasons later, but could this mean that Maggie's borderline trigger happy?

It's a mystery. User:MrWoof.

Lisa's Meditation Music

Does anyone know the artist and song Lisa was meditating to before Homer fell down the stairs?

That one wasn't bad. Pretty good. Seasons 1-10 were good. 05:31, August 30, 2014 (UTC)

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