Treehouse of Horror XXIV
Four Regrettings and a Funeral

Cultural References


  • On the Australian broadcast of this episode on channel 10, and some American broadcasts, The ending was a tribute to Chip Davis and his "Appearances" on previous episodes.
  • Several people drawn in Mr. Burns's sketchpad are: Hemingway (A stick person fisher), Picasso (Stick person doing cubism, an art form Picasso was known for), Matador Juan Belmonte (a stick person bullfighter with the thought bubble Uh-oh) and Stalin (Unlike the others he's drawn the way he actually appears instead of as a stick figure). Mr. Burns comments "That man could really put pressure on you.".
  • The last time the Springfield Police department S.W.A.T. officers showed complete inability to shoot a rifle correctly was in The Homer of Seville.

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