Bart's Class - Seating Chart

A seating chart of Ms. Krabappel's class roster.

The Fourth Grade at Springfield Elementary School is Bart Simpson's class. It is taught by Ms. Krabappel. Most of the kids are 10 years old. There is a total of 20 recurring students.




Former Students

Other Students

Alternate Future Students

Substitute Teachers


  • In one episode there are only 16 seats in Ms. Krabappel's classroom. Two seats in the front row are taken by Ishmael and Ezekiel, while the other seat to Bart's right is reserved for the new student, Samantha Stankey[25].
  • At one point, Jimbo Jones and Kearney Zzyzwicz are shown sitting in Ms. Krabappel's class[26]. However, they are sixth-grade students who frequently cut class and ditch school. It is possible that they were present in the classroom to redeem something they failed in the fourth grade, or for some other similar reason.
  • Once, Janey Powell is shown sitting in Ms. Krabappel's class. However, she is a second grader in Elizabeth Hoover's class[27].
  • One of Bart's classmates greatly resembles Levi Bernstein, one of Bart's distant cousins from the Bernstein family side of the Simpson family tree[28].
  • Following Marcia Wallace's death (the actress who voiced Edna) and Krabappel's retirement, it is unknown whether Bart and his classmates will receive a new permanent teacher. It is also unknown who currently teaches Bart's class.

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