Frame up

Frame Up is a reality TV show which airs on Fox and is produced in Springfield. The Man with the Braces is the host, and Carmen Electra was a guest co-host for at least one episode (the one in which Homer and Marge appeared).


The format of Frame Up seems to be as follows:

  • The unwitting participants are manipulated into a situation where if a crime is committed, they will be suspects.
  • The crime is staged, and an evidence trail left that incriminates the participants.
  • The participants are arrested, given a show trial, found guilty, and sentenced appropriately.
  • The ruse is revealed for maximum shock value.


Frame Up has been criticized for the following reasons:

  • Wasting the time and resources of the criminal justice system.
  • Toying with people's lives for the sake of TV ratings.

Homer's and Marge's Appearance

Homer and Marge were the participants: They were framed for murder and sentenced to die in the electric chair. The charges against Marge were later dropped and she was freed, leaving only Homer under a death sentence. At the appointed time, Homer was strapped into the chair, about to be executed. When the chair's switch was thrown, instead of Homer being electrocuted, a curtain was raised revealing a TV studio, the hosts, and the audience. Chief Wiggum voiced a protest about how much time the police and courts spent on what wasn't even a real case, and a relieved-but-disgusted Homer lectured Carmen Electra about toying with people's lives.

Behind the laughter


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