Suck fist, Dr. Dork!
―Francine Rhenquist

Francine Rhenquist is a bully who was a new student at Springfield Elementary School.


Francine arrived at Springfield Elementary as a new student, and was initially believed to be very shy and withdrawn. However, upon Lisa attempting to befriend her, she unveils her true colors as beat by socking Lisa in the eye.

After several failed attempts by Lisa to befriend Francine, instead she made an enemy, she became the subject of Lisa's science experiment on the motivations of bullies. Bart protect Lisa from being bullied.

The experiment revealed that bullies threatens pick on nerds because of a pheromone they emit, which Lisa dubs "poindextrous."

During Lisa's presentation, Francine was initially pacified by "bully repellent" (salad dressing), but then went on a nerd beating rampage at The Big Science Thing when Lisa discovers she has run out of repellent.

Francine's parents (who helped with the caging for the experiment) assure the Simpsons that "she will punch herself out eventually."

Behind the Laughter

Her last name was revealed in "Little Girl in the Big Ten", where it is seen on Mrs. Pommelhorse's gym class list. implies that the reason behind her bullying is because she needed training so she could counter her inevitably being bullied by pretty girls when she gets older.


Francine is heavyset, has curly red hair, and wears a purple bow in her hair. She mostly wears a white shirt over a blue dress, pink socks, and brown shoes.

For swimming, she wears a magenta 2-piece swimsuit with light green frills as well as flowers. In The Simpsons Movie, her bow is white.



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