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Francine Smith (née Ling; previously Dawson) is one of the main characters on the animated series American Dad. She appears in the Season 25 couch gag premiere along with her family in the episode "Homerland".


During the ending credits of Homerland, Simpsonized versions of the Smith Family are seen at a 25th Season celebration for The Simpsons, along with families from other FOX cartoons, such as The Griffin Family, The Tubbs-Brown Family, and The Belcher Family.

Physical Appearance

Francine is a hot, thin and pretty housemom with long, blonde hair that swoops down to her shoulders. She wears a pink, sleeveless dress with a white, bumpy collar and trim. She wears pink high heels and a white wristband.


Francine is a stereotypical trophy housewife who generally seems to enjoy her position in life. She has previously criticized Stan for locking her up without any shirts to fold in "Con Heir", as she "hates down time." She is more sympathetic to Hayley's ideologies and Steve's geekiness than Stan although she gives Hayley a cold shoulder when Hayley confesses she believes she is addicted to pot smoking in "A Jones for a Smith". She also has an obsession with keeping Steve as her baby in "Iced, Iced Babies". She doesn't usually allow others to push her around. In "Stan of Arabia: Part 2" she sang, complaining about Saudi Arabia's treatment of women, which gets her arrested. In "Shallow Vows" she is shown to tolerate being a housewife as long as she is being taken care of and suggests she will leave Stan if he becomes incapacitated.


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