Okay, it’s me! I can't help it! I just like squealing! It makes me feel big!
―Frankie the Squealer

Frankie the Squealer is a married, low-level member of the Springfield Mafia and an associate of Fat Tony, then later, Fit-Fat Tony. He is known, as his name suggests, for his indiscretion. He can't help squealing because it makes him feel big. His squealing was so uncontrollable that he even managed to rat himself out occasionally.

It is implied that he often ends up tortured specifically to shut him up for his indiscretion: While being beaten by Legs and Louie in an attempt to get him to shut up, he tells them Fat Tony's real name is Marion, so they resume the beating. The Springfield Mafia, incompetent as they are, continue to retain Frankie's services, even as he continues to be attacked, kidnapped, and poorly treated for his apparent continuing problem with keeping secrets.

Despite this, however, his uncontrollable urge to commit indiscretion has also aided the mafia as well, as he informed Legs and Louie of Homer Simpson as the culprit behind the shootings at the mafia summit while pursuing him with guns. He is also similar to the other mafia member, Jimmy the Snitch.

In The Fat Blue Line, he and the other members of the mafia originally had Johnny Tightlips as his boss instead after the latter temporally betrayed Fit-Fat Tony by framing him for the wallet pickpocketing, but after Fit-Fat Tony cleared his name and exposed Johnny as the real pickpocket with the police's help after he forced Frankie to squeal on Johnny in front of him and the mafia so the police can hear it on Fit-Fat Tony's hidden wire, Frankie then eventually reaccepted Fit-Fat Tony as his boss again along with the other members of the mafia.

In his cameo appearance in Diary Queen, Frankie shouted to his fellow mafia members that he isn't dead after they dumped his body in a river, resulting Johnny to pull his gun out and shoot at Frankie when Frankie attempted to swim away after shouting to the mafia members.

He seems to be shown dead in Homer's Paternity Coot. His ghost is also seen in the episode Flanders' Ladder. Due to those incidents, he, like Hans Moleman, is also considered the "Other South Park's Kenny McCormick," or "The Other Kenny of Springfield."


Frankie wears a blue-green suit, a purple button up shirt, and has gold jewelry around his neck, and short brown hair. In his debut episode, Insane Clown Poppy, he, like Johnny, had a darker shade of yellow skin, then afterwards, his skin color is a normal yellow coloration instead.



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