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|name = Frankie the Squealer
|name = Frankie the Squealer
|image = [[File:Frankiethesquealer.jpg]]
|image = [[File:Fff.jpg|250px]]
| sex = {{Male}}
| sex = {{Male}}
|status = {{Alive}}
|status = {{Alive}}

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I just like squealin’! It makes me feel big!
―Frankie the Squealer

Frankie the Squealer is a low-level member of the Springfield Mafia and associate of Fat Tony. He is known, as his name suggests, for his indiscretion. He can't help squealing, because it makes him feel big. Even after suffering a beating at the hands of Legs and Louie, he continues to tell mafia secrets, such as Fat Tony's real name being Marion, which in turn, brings more punishment. The Springfield mafia, incompetent as they are, continue to retain Frankie's services, as he continues to be attacked, kidnapped, and poorly treated for his apparent continuing problem with keeping secrets. Despite this, however, his uncontrollable urge to commit indiscretion has also aided the mafia as well, as he informed Louie, Legs, and Fat Tony of Homer's location while pursuing him as revenge for ruining their Mob summit. He is very similar to the character Jimmy the Snitch.

He was said to be dead in Homer's Paternity Coot.


Frankie the Squealer wears a blue and purple suit, and has gold jewelry around his neck. He has dark skin and brown hair.



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