Fred Kanneke was Chief Wiggum's brother-in-law.


He apparently was a nice guy, but "a little screwed up in the head." He eventually decided to book an appointment for suicide for unknown reasons and got Dr. Egoyan as the one who assisted in his suicide. After Dr. Egoyan attempted to commit euthanasia on Abraham Simpson, Chief Wiggum arrested him just before Abraham Simpson's remaining minute of life was extinguished, as he was now free to arrest him due to the voters overturning the assisted suicide law. While escorting the now arrested Egoyan out of the room, Chief Wiggum mentions that he thinks Egoyan knows his brother-in-law, Fred Kanneke, something which shocks Egoyan a lot.

Non Canon Appearances

The Simpsons Game

In Around the World in 80 Bites, one of Clancy's quotes is "Homer is fatter and rounder than my fatter and rounder brother." He could be referring to Fred. Though from what is seen of Fred, he does not appear to be overweight.


  • Although it's never actually explained how Fred is Chief Wiggum's brother-in-law, it's assumed that he was the brother of Chief Wiggum's wife, Sarah.
    • If Fred isn't Sarah's brother, Fred's either the husband of Chief Wiggum's sister (assuming that Clancy has a sister) or he's the husband of Sarah's sister (assuming that Sarah has a sister).


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