Freddy is a boy who is a student at Springfield Elementary School and is friends with Milhouse Van Houten.


He is first seen at school after class,[1] but doesn't speak until he is studying with Milhouse at the Springfield Public Library.[2] He sees his photo of Homer dancing with Princess Kashmir and asks him for it. Milhouse accepts and he gets a copy, but shows it to Mike, his father, who is disgusted at the photo, so Freddy apologizes. He later makes cameos.[3][4] Later, he is seen at Lisa's class.[5] After these appearances, he is seen in minimal cameos.


  • His eyes are different from those of all the other characters (with the exception of Ethan Foley), as his are just pupils rather than white circles with pupils in them. As such, he resembles Akbar and Jeff from Life in Hell who also had this trait.
  • His skin often changes between yellow and brown between episodes.




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