Haw-Haw Land
Frink Gets Testy
Homer Is Where the Art Isn't
Mr. Burns: I need you to tell me who is worthy of surviving the Apocalypse with me.
I only want the sharpest razors in this town's Halloween candy.

Orson Welles [in the Nostradamus documentary]: The following film, made in 1982, was thought to be lost forever. Actually, it was misplaced in a box for the comedy Doctor Detroit... but its predictions are more terrifying than ever.
Orson Welles [sips champagne midway through his introduction]: Hello, I'm Orson... Welles, director of Citizen Kane.
Homer Bo-ring.
Orson Welles: As well as the lower left hand square on Hollywood Squares.
Homer: Ooh, right next to Ruth Buzzi.
Orson Welles: In 1555, the prophet Nostradamus foretold a terrifying series of predictions, all of which came to pass: First, his own death; second, large wars in Europe, similar to the large wars he observed in Europe; and the breakup of Fleetwood Mac. But Nostradamus's final quatrain contained one more prediction yet to come: that shortly after the Antichrist becomes President, a flaming mushroom spreads across the sky.
Orson Welles [sipping champagne]: This champagne is terrible; it tastes like dryer sheets! But what does said mushroom signify? Nothing less than World War III!
Lisa: Ugh! Who'd fall for this malarkey?

[Ralph is up high on a construction girder]
Chief Wiggum: Don't worry, Lou. I've seen cartoons. Swee'Pea, Mr. Magoo.. Ralph will be fine.
Lou: What about Sylvester the Cat?
Chief: Never be a cat in a cartoon, Lou. NEVER.

Mr. Burns: I'm scared. Release the comforting hounds.
[Smithers snaps his fingers and some dogs jump onto Mr. Burns' bed, one of which licks him]
Mr. Burns: Excellent. Now make them into rugs.

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