Froggie is a bullfrog who was formally owned by Bart Simpson, who kept her in a jar and often fed her flies, until the day when he loss her on a trip to Australia.[1]


Froggie was a pet of Bart Simpson, she was kept in his bedroom living inside a comfy yet cramped jar. Whenever Bart would come home, he'd always bring her a fly or two to eat.

Much later on, Bart at one point tricked a boy from Australia into having a six-hour, $900 collect call, the boy's father was outraged that his son was tricked like that, so he decided to come to Andy, prime minister of Australia.

Eventually, Australia indicted Bart for fraud, the State Department wanted Bart to personally make a public apology in Australia, when the family was flown to there Bart brought his pet Froggie along with him, however after being told that he wasn't allowed to bring foreign animals into the country (because it could upset the environmental balance) he decided place her near the airport fountain, promising to return later.

However, Froggie wasted no time leaping out of an open window, there she soon met a kangaroo, who, upon taking a shine to the amphibian, placed her in it's pouch. It is unknown how she did it, but she quickly began reproducing, and her species spread rapidly throughout the entire country, and completely ruining Australia's ecology (a reference to the actual introduction of non-native Cane Toads into Australia). The Simpsons family, not having had the best experience with the place, laughed at this situation, though they likely wouldn't have been so jovial had they known that a koala was stowaway-ed on their helicopter heading to the U.S.

Froggie still resides in Australia to this very day, most likely still over populating.


  • This character's first appearance was in season 1, while her second (and last) was in season 6, perhaps the writers remembered her and decided to write her out since nobody was using her.
  • With such a long gap mistakes were bound to made, in her first episode she wasn't a bullfrog.
  • Also in her first episode, Bart at one point called her "Fella", implying that she was a boy, course, he also welcomed her with "Froggie, I'm home!" spoofing "Honey, I'm home!" so who knows for certain.



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