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Lisa holding a box containing the Funtendo Zii

The Funtendo Zii is a gaming console, it's an obvious parody of the Nintendo Wii.


It first appeared in the episode Million Dollar Maybe where Lisa purchased one in a hardware store for the Springfield Retirement Castle after observing Mr. Burns playing two games on the console, one called "Zii Sports" and another unnamed game that takes place in World War II. Lisa then took the Zii back to the retirement castle and sets it up for Grampa and the other residents, who were confused by the technology at first, but soon warmed up to a game of virtual tennis. The residents eventually began to feel younger and start bossing around the nurses, who in response destroyed the Zii by putting it in a dishwasher. It also appears on The Squirt and the WhaleLisa and Bart are playing Zii Sports and then Bart punches Lisa with the controller and then they fight.

Non-Canon Appearances

Treehouse of Horror

At the start of the Treehouse of Horror XXI short War & Pieces, Bart & Milhouse are playing a Third-person shooter game on the Zii.


  • The Zii is a parody of the Nintendo Wii and uses exactly the same sounds as the Wii.
  • Zii Sports is a parody of Wii Sports and the tennis game they are playing is a parody of the tennis game on Wii Sports.
  • In the episode Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D'oh, when Marge cleans up Homer's apartment, he asks what happened to his Wii, not intended to use the term Zii.
  • In The Simpsons Game, God's version of the Zii is called the Hii.