The Seven-Beer Snitch
Don't Fear the Roofer
(Bart and Lisa are teasing each other in the street about their romantic prospects)
Bart: Oh yeah? Well, you love Moleman!
Lisa: You're gay for Moleman!
Bart: No, you're gay for Moleman!
(They start wrestling)
Hans Moleman: (sadly) No one's gay for Moleman.

Kearney: Okay, I want a nice clean prom. That means no booze, kick, puff, doze, max, stim, or turb. Remember, stim kills!
Skinner: It's what turned Superintendent Chalmers into a vegetable.
Chalmers: (going around in a circle in an electronic wheelchair) Skinner! Skinner! Skinner! Skinner! Skinner! Skinner!

Moe: (MoeClone drops a beer mug) You moron! Oh, why did I think I ever needed a clone?
MoeClone: Hey, I'm not the clone! You're the clone!
Moe: Oh, please, not this again. audio clip

(Moe and MoeClone are watching Homer and Krusty strangle each other)
Moe: Once they destroy each other...
MoeClone: ...then we make our move.
(a spider with Moe's head lowers himself down)
MoeSpiderClone: Yes, we make our move.
(camera zooms in on SpiderClone and both Moes look at him)
MoeSpiderClone: What? A spider got into the cloning machine.

(In the future, Teenage Lisa strangling Teenage Bart after finding out he took the Yale scholarship)
Teenage Lisa: You've wrecked my life!
(In the present, Lisa is also strangling Bart)
Lisa: You're gonna wreck my life!

(Homer puts on a wig and leads Bart to the airlock in his underwater home)
Homer: Come on, boy! We're hitting the town!
(They sit in the decompression chamber. Homer reaches for a knob)
Homer: After decompressing, of course.
(Homer turns the knob which begins a countdown of three hours as well as the hissing noise of decompression. By the end of this dialogue, only eleven seconds tick by)
Bart: (beat) So...what do ya do to kill time in here?
Homer: There's a DVD player, but it doesn't work.

(Milhouse gets stuck between two trees)
Milhouse: Lenny, Carl, can you pull me out?
Lenny: Sorry, we're ghosts now.
Carl: Our spirits live in those two trees.
Lenny: Or maybe we're alive and feel like jerking you around!
Carl: Or maybe we're one of each!
(Lenny and Carl chuckle as they leave, complete with eerie alien-style music) audio clip

Bart: This blows! I wanna see Vice President Cletus!
(changes machine screen to VP Cletus)
Vice President Cletus: (on phone) You want me to attend the funeral of the Sultan of Brunei? Well, I would consider it my honor. (yelling) Hey, Brandine! Pack my evenin' britches! We goin' to Brunei audio clip

Lisa: How did you know we were coming?
Professor Frink: Because I have mastered the one true science... (dramatic pose) astrology!
Lisa: Don't you mean 'astronomy'?
Prof. Frink: No, my dear, I said (goes back to dramatic pose) astrology!

(Homer and Bart pass through a mountain using a portal/tunnel, coming out of the other side with Bender in the car)
Bender: Alright! You guys are my new best friends!
Homer: You wish, loser! audio clip

Snake: Don't move, Teenage Bart! I've got you covered with my phaser-slash-cell phone.
(the phone begins playing The Entertainer) (talking into phone)
Snake: Dude, this is totally not the time to call me...I don't know, some kind of pasta...look, just get me what you're having...ew, not that!
(Bart knocks Snake out)
Snake: (semi-delirious) What soups do they have? (passes out) audio clip

(at the high school prom, it's time for slow dance. Martin and his date, "Childlike-Humanoid-Urban-Muchacho" {or C.H.U.M., which he invented in "Fat Man and Little Boy} are dancing)
Martin: So, any plans after graduation?
C.H.U.M.: Travel.
Martin: Do you need a traveling companion per chance?
C.H.U.M.: Travel cancelled!

Ralph: (to a girl at prom) I can use the potty now. audio clip

Lisa: (Bart is watching a hologram of the prom, Martin is dancing with his robot "date") Is that robot break dancing?
Bart: No, he just activated his self-destruct mechanism.
(the robot explodes)

Homer: Hey Moe. Hey MoeClone.
Moe: Hey ya, Homer.
MoeClone: Hey, Homer.
Moe: Hey hey hey hey. I don't pay you to socialize.
MoeClone: Oh right. You're the 'people person'!
Moe: Watch with the attitude, mister! You came from my back fat.

Otto: (runs nude from the limo he was driving) I can fly! I can fly! (runs toward a cliff while flapping his arms, but stops before he reaches the edge)
Otto: Just kidding. I know I can't fly. I can glide though! (runs off the edge and falls to his death)

(Bart is cleaning the Kwik-E-Mart floor.)
Anoop: (Spits on floor.) You missed a spot! Do it again!
Bart: Yes, Mr. Gheet.
Anoop: I'm Anoop, you racist cracker! (Kicks Bart.)

Mr. Burns: Hello, Smithers. Nice of you to drop by... AFTER my life was saved.
Smithers: Sir, you KNEW I was on a date!
Bart: Mr. Smithers? I thought you were...ah...you know...
Smithers: Ha ha, no I'm straight, as long as I take these injections every 10 minutes! (injects himself) I love BOOBIES!

Homer: I'm so proud of you! (To Lisa) Lisa graduated two years earlier (to Bart) and Bart... (Stares at him) graduated!

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