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Fuzzy Bunny's Guide to You Know What is an educational video shown to Bart's class to teach them about sex.

The video was narrated by Troy McClure and told the story of Fuzzy Bunny going through the changes of puberty, meeting a girl rabbit, Fluffy Bunny, and discovering they were attracted to each other. Then it told about Fuzzy and Fluffy dating (engaging in "wholesome activities" such as bowling the ice cream social the boat show and target shooting), getting married, having a honeymoon night (which included a sex scene), and eventually having children. The movie made a point of emphasizing that through it all, Fuzzy and Fluffy never spoiled their fun by "giving in to their throbbing biological urges" before the wedding. The video ended with McClure saying, "And now that you know how it's done .. don't do it."

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Fuzzy Bunny's Guide to You Know What bears a copyright date of 1971, and its '70s nature is betrayed by the musical score and the fashions that the characters (and narrator Troy McClure) were wearing. Also, despite claiming to present the facts of sex in a "frank and straightforward manner," it was still made in a somewhat coy fashion -- until the video played a full-on sex scene, which was shown offscreen for obvious reasons.

The kids' reaction to the sex scene.

In sharp contrast to the rest of the video, the sex scene was so frank that it shocked the students. Mrs. Krabappel, however, simply said, "She's faking it," in a bored and blasé manner.

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