Treehouse of Horror XVII
G.I. D'oh
Moe'N'a Lisa
Milhouse: Bart, can we go to Banana Republic? There's a mannequin there I have a crush on.
Bart: Milhouse, that is the most pathetic thing I've ever . . . (sees the mannequin) Oh my God, she's beautiful!

Principal Skinner: I'd do anything for my beloved Army.
Army Recruiter: How about re-enlisting?
Principal Skinner: How about you bite me?

Homer: Hey baby. Ya like obstacle courses?

Moe: Heh, heh. This is the first time I ever watered down my liquor!
Lenny: Moe, why are your eyes darting back and forth like that?

Homer: How would you like to be stacked naked in a pile and while a hillbilly girl points and laughs at you?
Cletus: That was our last Christmas card!

Army Recruiter: Yo! I don't know which one I dig more: Hip-hop, Crunk or serving my country.
Jimbo: Are you guys hitting on us?

Army Recruiter: We just want to talk to you about something near and dear to us.
Dolph: What? Being gay?
Army Recruiter: Close. The Army.

Marge: Homer, our son joined the army!
Homer: Yeah, big deal. By the time Bart is 18, we're gonna control the world… We're China, right?

Army Private: Sir, you can't just invade an American city without authorization.
Colonel: Yes, I can. Congress slipped it into the National Broccoli Day proclamation

Army Sergeant: Gentleman, I'm going to be frank; never before has the Army accepted recruits with such low test scores.
Homer: That's an odd way to start handing out medals.

(Homer peers out of a manhole cover at oncoming tanks)
Homer: Bring it on chumps! (The tank runs over the manhole he is peeping out of) Oooh! Fingers, fingers, fingers!

Homer: (to the drill instructor) Are you going to ask us our major malfunctions?

Marge: Don't worry. I have a secret weapon. One more deadly then any gun.
Bart: Lisa's face?
Marge: A phone tree.

Krusty: That's the plan. We all meet at the reservoir at 8:00 p.m.

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