Hey handsome, wanna dunk the clown?
―Gaby's only dialogue[src]

Gaby[1] is the biological mother of Herbert Powell.


When Abe Simpson visited the local carnival at Shelbyville (while courting Mona Olsen before he married her), he was drawn to the young female worker at first sight. Seeing as she is a prostitute, he had sex with her for his money, and a year later when the carnival returned to Shelbyville, Abe discovered that she had given birth to their son.

Gaby 2

A picture of Gaby (revealing her name) in The Simpsons Uncensored Family Album.

Unmarried and ashamed, Abe and Gaby took their infant son to the Shelbyville Orphanage. What happened to her after this is a mystery, while Abe had married Mona and had Homer a year later. Their son was adopted by the Powell family and renamed Herbert Powell, who went on to be the founder of Powell Motors in Detroit, Michigan.

Baby Herb

Gaby, unhappy, with her biological son, Herb.


Aside from the brunette hair, her son Herb seems to have inherited very little from her, because he bears a strong resemblance to his half-brother, Homer Simpson, or by extension, more of Abraham's physical attributes were passed onto Herb. However, because of her sparse on-screen time, it is not known what the mother's precise emotional or mental attributes were that she may have bequeathed to her son.



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