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It is one of many board games like [[Star Wars Monopoly]], [[Rasta-Mon-opoly]], and [[Edna Krabappoly]] the [[Simpson family]] owns.
It is one of many board games owned by the [[Simpson family]], which also includes [[Star Wars Monopoly]], [[Rasta-Mon-opoly]], and [[Edna Krabappoly]].
==Behind the Laughter==
==Behind the Laughter==

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Gallip-olopoly is a board game.


It is one of many board games owned by the Simpson family, which also includes Star Wars Monopoly, Rasta-Mon-opoly, and Edna Krabappoly.

Behind the LaughterEdit

It is a parody of Monopoly. Gallipoli is an area of Turkey known for being a battle site in World War I, and the box features Mr. Monopoly dressed as a soldier from the era (and being killed via headshot).


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