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Game Over
The Simpsons Game
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Game Over is the sixteenth and final level of The Simpsons Game. After Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, destroys the game engine, the family and the characters from Matt Groening's four worlds go back to Springfield, where Kang and Kodos continue destroying the city. Lisa then uses her "Hand of Buddha" power to build a ladder to the High Heavens and talk to God.


This is the only level with more than two playable characters. At the beginning, only Homer and Bart can be played. When they enter the Heaven, Bart and Lisa are the playable characters only in the PS2 and PSP version, and the entire family only in the Xbox 360, PS3 and DS versions. After the level is completed, the credits appear and, only in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, a table shows the achievements and the percentage completed. In the Nintendo DS version, the Dance Dance Revolution game doesn't appear, probably because the DS version is in 2D. 


Game Over Steam Beams

Lisa drops an ice block made by a freezing dolphin on the burning coals

At the Simpsons House, the family and the characters see the aliens attacking Springfield. Lisa has an idea and uses the Buddha's Hand to drop many buildings and road portions one on each other to make a ladder to the Heaven. Everybody scales it and make it to the gate of the Heaven, except for Homer and Bart. The gate is closed by William Shakespeare, who attacks them. They fight him while Marge and Lisa watch them behind the gate. After Shakespeare is defeated, Homer and Bart cross the gate and enter Heaven. The walls on each side are clouds, the floor is just grass, there are two gold buildings next to the path, one full of arcade video games and a giant gold "Atari" controller. On each side, there are small houses, belonging to the deceased people who now live in the Heaven.

The Simpsons meet old enemies: the lumbermen from "Lisa the Tree Hugger" and the Rigellian aliens from "Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers", all with halos on their heads. After beating them all, they get to a huge hole in the middle of the Heaven. The two paths on each side are closed, so they have to cross it. There are hundreds of clouds on the bottom and small clouds floating on it. Lisa uses the Buddha's Hand to place Elvis' golf grass on the clouds so Bart can grapple to the other side and pull the lever that opens the locked paths. Now, they are in a big steam baths building, with more aliens at the entrance. Homer, as Homer Ball, boosts inside and opens the door. The dolphins from "The Day of the Dolphin" come from little pools inside. Lisa uses the Buddha's Hand freeze power to freeze a dolphin and place the ice block on some burning coals, making steam coming from it. Bart, as Bartman, floats on the steam and jumps on the roof. Homer does the same as "Heli-Homer". They both step on two pressure pads to open the door and allow Marge and Lisa to rejoin them.

On the other side, there are two "Skybucks" coffee shops, one under construction. Marge joins to her mob the creatures (Rod, Todd and Ralph) from "NeverQuest" and orders them to build the coffee shop. Benjamin Franklin comes out with a coffee and Lisa asks him to open the gate to God's apartment. He disagrees and attacks them with thunders. They defeat him and step on the mechanic escalator to the entrance. They find God on his couch playing video games next to his dancing floor. They tell him to stop
Game Over Dance Dance Revolution

The Dance Dance Revolution game in the Xbox version

playing with their lives, which angers God. They now have to defeat him on a Dance Dance Revolution game on his dancing floor. Previous levels characters come as rows from God to the Simpsons, and they have to jump on the arrow tiles, depending on what line they come from. God is using his "Praystation" video game console, then after it is destroyed, his "Xodus Box" console, then his "Hii" console, then his "I Am" console, until he is beaten, causing a "blue screen of death" to appear that Bart tears away Maude Flanders (ghost) is appear.

They order him to explain them the meaning of life after Bart threatens to destroy his "Infinite MB Memory Card". God says "The Simpsons Game" is just a mini-game in his favorite video game: "Planet Earth", in which you can create a family and order them to do whatever you want. He also explains how Bart found the Simpsons game guide (in "Bartman Begins"): while playing, God accidentally threw the guide away and it fell down to Earth.

Lisa then asks God he ever wondered he is a video game character. As God tries to answer, Ralph is seen playing "The Simpsons Game", then he comes toward the screen and tells his dad someone is looking at him. The level ends after the TV turns off.

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