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Garbage Island is where [[Springfield]] sends its garbage.
Garbage Island is where [[Springfield]] sends its garbage
===Towns and Cities in Springfield State===
*[[Baby Seal Beach]]
*[[Bloodbath Gulch]]
*[[Capital City]]
*[[Cape Fear]]
*[[Catfish Lake]]
*[[Duff Gardens]]
*[[Frigid Falls]]
*[[Garbage Island]]
*[[Lake Flaccid]]
*[[Littleneck Falls]]
*[[Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport]]
*[[Mount Embolism]]
*[[Mount Seldom]]
*[[New Horrorfield]]
*[[North Haverbrook]]
*[[Spittle County]]
*[[Springfield County]]
*[[Swartzwelder County]]
*[[Terror Lake]]
===Baseball Teams in Springfield State===
==Episodes with garbage island==
*Capital City Capitals
*Shelbyville Shelbyvillians
*[[Springfield Isotopes]]
===American Football Teams in Springfield State===
[[Homer the Heretic]]
*[[Shelbyville Sharks]]
*[[Springfield Atoms]]
===Hockey Teams in Springfield State ===
*Spingfield Ice-O-Topes

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Garbage Island is where Springfield sends its garbage

Episodes with garbage island

Homer the Heretic

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