Gary Apple was a writer on The Simpsons for the episode "Homer's Triple Bypass", with Michael Carrington.

Gary tells the story how he and his partner got to write for The Simpsons: "Michael Carrington and I had just moved to Los Angeles to become sitcom writers and we loved The Simpsons, which was in its 2nd Season. We wrote a "spec" script that involved Homer becoming a corporate raider (Wall Street was a big movie at the time) and Bart counterfeiting school raffle tickets. The script came out very well and eventually found its way to Sam Simon's office. He met with us and was impressed enough to give us a script assignment."

Gary Apple has written many episodes of other animated programs, including Disney's Doug, Time Warp Trio, Sabrina the Witch, Kenny the Shark, and Oswald The Octopus. He's also written and produced network sitcoms and variety shows.

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