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This article is about the character Gary Coleman. For the actor and guest star, please see Gary Coleman.

Gary Coleman was the security guard at Kid First Industries and was on guard duty when Bart and Lisa snuck into Jim Hope's office seeking answers about Funzo. He later tried to stop Bart, Lisa and Homer from destroying all of the Funzos in the Springfield Tire Yard fire, but relented after he saw how evil they were. The Simpsons invited him to their home for Christmas dinner. However, at first, he refused, as he had other plans. He came anyway due to Lisa forcing him.

Coleman seems to be a bit crazy, as he was talking on a phone that wasn't even plugged in. He was briefly fired from his security guard job by Lindsey Naegle. However, he was quickly rehired after saying "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Miss Naegle?", which she deemed adorable.[1]

He was later photographed by Homer getting his laundry.[2]