Gavin is a ten year old spoiled kid who shows signs of extreme disrespect towards his mother who hardly seems to discipline him.


Gavin's only known relatives are his sister Katelyn and his mother, who spoils him. For example, after she's already bought Gavin several other video games, she gives him two Bonestorm video games. Gavin insists on getting two because he doesn't want to share with Katelyn. Bart, seeing the exchange, says that Gavin must be "the happiest kid in the world."[1]

Gavin is later seen with his mother buying breakfast cereal. When he doesn't like the cereal she picks out, he expresses the desire to live with only one of his fathers. This likely means that Gavin's true father is divorced from his mother and that she has remarried and divorced at least once since then[2].

Behind the Laughter

According to the DVD commentaries, Gavin is based on the many spoiled children and their mothers seen shopping in the streets of Los Angeles.



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