Geezer Rock was a rock formation that resembled a face.


Springfield organized a ceremony dedicating Geezer Rock, which had become a national park. During the ceremony, Lisa noticed that there is a small tree growing in the eye of the rock. Homer, largely motivated by wanting to keep his secret roadside corn business intact, then climbed up the rock and pulled the tree out. It caused the rock to collapse, with Homer forcing Lisa to interrupt her poem to get her to safety ("Here's a poem. 'Run fast, or lose your a**!'") as well as crushing Mr. Burns in the resulting rock slide. It was believed that Mr. Burns had been killed as a result, but he actually survived (which he attributed to his lean body fitting through the rocks as well as his keeping himself nourished with insects), although other than Waylon Smithers, Jr., no one was devastated or missed Mr. Burns regarding his presumed death, instead not only mourning the loss of Geezer Rock, but actually praising the monument for killing Mr. Burns in its last moments.

Lisa also wrote a poem about the rock, although she was forced to prematurely finish it due to the chaotic events listed above, and later published it in her own newspaper, The Red Dress Press.

Behind the Laughter

  • Geezer Rock is a parody of New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain, a rock formation with an apparent nose, mouth and chin; the destruction of Geezer Rock is similar to the 2003 collapse of New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain. This parody was considered extremely offensive to the state and its residents.

Lisa's poem

Postcard image, thing to see.
To think of Springfield is to think of thee.
What thoughts be-pass a'hind thy mien?
Why sky art blue? Why trees art green?
And what, pray tell, did thine eyes see?
Perchance, old friend, they gazed at me.
Brought low by nature's oafish hand,
thy crush-ed our reviewing stand.
And twixt thy stones glimpsed I the truth.
All things must pass. Thy face, my youth.

(in the original recitation, the poem ended up prematurely ending at "And what, pray tell did thine eyes see?" due to the chaotic events of Geezer Rock's collapse)

Homer's poem

Note: this wasn't an actual poem dedicated to Geezer Rock, but Homer recited it to Lisa in an attempt to get her to humor him when attempting to get her to flee due to Geezer Rock's imminent collapse before she could finish her poem

Run fast,
Or lose your ass!


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