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[[Category:Season 5 first appearances]]

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This article is about the George Harrison character. For the real-life musician and guest voice actor, please see George Harrison.

George Harrison (25 February 1943 – 29 November 2001) was an English (Liverpudlian) rock musician, most famous for his guitar work as a member of The Beatles.


At the party following the Grammy Awards ceremony where The Be Sharps won an award, Harrison wanted to meet the leader of The Be Sharps, Homer Simpson. Harrison walked up to Homer and said hello. Then Homer said, "Oh my God, Oh my God. Where did you get that brownie?"

Harrison pointed at a big pile of brownies, and Homer quickly started gorging himself, completely ignoring Harrison in favor of the brownies. Harrison then observed, "Wow, what a nice fellow."

Years later, Harrison was present at a reunion of The Be Sharps. As the quartet sang "Baby on Board" on the rooftop of Moe's Tavern, Harrison was driving by in a limo. He stopped, lowered the window, dismissively said, "It's been done," and promptly drove on.

Behind the Laughter

Harrison's "It's been done" comment regarding The Be Sharps' rooftop performance is a reference to the famous impromptu concert The Beatles had on top of the Apple Records building, in 1969, which would end up being their last ever.


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