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George Walker Bush was the 43rd President of the United States, serving from 2001-2009.


In "Two Bad Neighbors", during a war with his new neighbor George H. W. Bush after the 41st President spanked Bart, Homer lured Bush into coming to the door by placing cardboard cut-outs of Bush's sons in front of the door, announcing, "It's your sons, George Bush Jr. and Jeb Bush!" But as soon as Bush answers the door (believing that his sons would help him think of a plan to get even on the Simpsons), the cutouts disappear and a rainbow wig is glued to his head.

In "Regarding Margie", there is a picture of when Homer beats him in one of the Simpson family's photo albums.

Bush was one of the Presidents that, to save money, Springfield Elementary School would no longer teach. The others were Buchanan, Fillmore, Pierce and George H. W. Bush.[1]

When Superintendent Chalmers showed Bart an illustration depicting all of the U.S. Presidents, Bush was one of the few that Bart recognized. However, Bart misidentified him as Will Ferrell. Shocked by Bart's ignorance, Chalmers decided to start teaching Bart about Theodore Roosevelt.[2]

Marge told Homer that George W. Bush sobered up and became president.[3]


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Homer said that introducing Bart to a baby brother would be like introducing George Bush to Dick Cheney.[4]



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